Readers Respond

Readers respond:

Regarding “Marin and Nancy Reagan” (POV, December 2006), I could not agree with Jim Wood more—that we Marinites are in denial about growth and accommodating it. It is difficult to fathom that we did not pass the SMART train initiative in the recent elections, yet I think we are another round or two away from its ultimate passage. I fell in love with Marin’s landscape and access to the coast, bay, city and wine country in the early ’80s when visiting here, and have been here 20 years now. If I did not love it still, I would move, mostly because of the people—a greater bunch of hypocrites I have never known. The growth issue is the number one indicator of hypocrisy.

—Gary Marsh, San Anselmo


Running a story encouraging vacations in Thailand (Journey: “Thailand on Two Wheels,” January 2007) not only does a dangerous disservice to your readers but is shameful. How can you encourage tourism—let alone bike tourism—in a country under martial law run by a military dictatorship that came to power to thwart a democratic movement protesting a corrupt autocratic billionaire as president? Have you no shame?

—Robert Ovetz, Sausalito

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