Readers Respond

>> Lily lover
Thanks to the small notice “The Search Is On” and photograph of the Tiburon Mariposa Lily in Currents (June), I remembered that this is the time for finding this wonderful native plant. My husband and I went looking, armed with our cameras, this past Sunday. We found it! One plant was in full bloom, and two others are in process. We were walking up the trail that leads to what I call the “stone Buddha” when I noticed a flower which I could not identify. I leaned down to look closely at it, and there was the lily right beside it! The other two lilies are nestled among a cluster of boulders on the other side of the path. Your excellent magazine has done a wonderful job recording the diverse interests of the people who live in and love Marin. I thank you again for that particular notice and hope you will continue to alert us to the wonders of the natural world that have been preserved for us, often through hard fought battles.
Sandra Paillon, Greenbrae

>> Horizon found
What a delight to read the Journey story “Lost Horizon, Found” by Dave Bartruff (May). The photographs were breathtaking and the article made me feel I was right there in Lijiang, China. What a talented writer and photographer Dave Bartruff is! I would love to see more articles like this in future issues of Marin Magazine.
June Minami, via e-mail

>> KWMR comment
Thank you for the article on West Marin’s KWMR community radio station (FYI, April). I wish you had captured more of the astonishing breadth of KWMR’s programming diversity. Among the scores of volunteer programmers are biologists, doctors, artists, writers, teachers, business owners, world travelers, teenagers and more. Music ranges through all genres from punk to exquisite classical. Programs offer local talent and information and also international thinkers and world-encompassing stories. That’s pretty remarkable for a little country radio station held together by a tiny staff and volunteers.
Elia Haworth, via e-mail

>> Kudos on Buck story
Kudos on the feature article on the Buck Institute (May issue). The work being done there is important, interesting and inspiring. Raising awareness of both their work and the fact that 80 percent of their budget relies upon grants and donations outside of the Buck Trust is commendable. Another example of an outstanding Marin organization making huge contributions to society that many of us knew far too little about.
Heather Staples, Tiburon

Thank you for yet another jaw-dropping, beautiful issue of Marin Magazine (May). From the many of us cheering on the science and scientists of the Buck Institute for Age Research, Marin Magazine is applauded for its generous support and critical input toward the success of the Buck’s recent anniversary gala. Readers should understand the role Marin Magazine played in introducing leaders at the Buck Institute to another community gem, Mill Valley resident Patrick Connolly (CEO, Obscura Digital), who was responsible for the incredible visual display (pictured at left) at the Crystal Ball. Thank you, Marin Magazine, for leading the way.
Roxanne Richards, Belvedere & Mary Poland, Ross

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