Readers Respond

>> Another POV
I was fascinated with Jim Wood’s Conversation (October) with Marin’s State Senator Mark Leno. As an engineer, I have experience with two of the topics discussed.

Regarding desalination: it has proven itself in the Middle East where water needs are high and power costs low. It will work in Marin provided its power costs can be reduced via the state legislator. As things stand now, we have limited reservoir capacity and can no longer count on Sonoma County water. And let’s face it, conservation can go only so far.

As for Marin Clean Energy, it is evident PG&E already provides a substantial amount of renewable energy. Moreover, they’ve recently added geothermal. I think the best way to achieve our green energy goals is to pressure PG&E to provide even more solar, wind, geothermal and hydropower. I am not at all confident a local bureaucracy can achieve these goals.
Wes Starratt, San Rafael

>> Jonathan and Susan Pey
I enjoyed your interview with the Peys, the vintners behind Pey-Marin Vineyards (Lifestyle October). It’s great to put a face to the name and learn what it’s really like to be a winemaker in Marin. I look forward to checking out their new tasting room at the Olema Inn!
Kate Kaperin, Novato

>> Say Cheese
Like most locals, I’m a big fan of Cowgirl Creamery and Point Reyes cheeses but it was a real treat to find out about the others: Adante, Marin French and Achadinha (FYI Food October). Can’t wait to pick up a few for an upcoming picnic.
Lucca Hernandez, San Rafael

>> Electric Revolution
It was interesting to learn that Marin is so ahead of the curve when it comes to electric vehicle technology (FYI Green October). Also, great to get a look at some Marinites already making electric vehicles.
Kristin Sobditch, Terra Linda

>> Project Grace
Your article on Project Grace (FYI Community September) was inspirational. A parent dealing with the loss of a child can be an emotionally crippling event, requiring special care and compassion. Our culture is awkward at best in addressing death, even more so with the death of a child. Unlike titles such as “widow” or “orphan,” our language doesn’t have a name for such unfortunate circumstances. It is also worthy of note that the woman in the article, Michelle Miller, is both a bereaved mother and a certified grief counselor and coach ( Thank you for informing readers such a needed service exists.
L. Halunen, San Anselmo

>> Fright Time
Valeria Bernstein’s story definitely freaked me out (FYI Fright October). I can’t believe she can live with a ghost in her home. A tip to your readers: if you live in Mill Valley, head to the historical room in the library, where you can look up your home by its address and sift through all the newspaper clippings and old photos that have been saved throughout the years. It’s a great way to discover the long and sometimes spooky history our homes have.
L. Frank, Mill Valley

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