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>> Travels with Purpose
What a beautiful travelogue about an extraordinary part of the world (Marin Travels With Purpose). I have other friends who have traveled to Cambodia but this is the first time I feel like I have a better understanding of how beautiful, interesting and different a trip like this can be. The Griffins made it a rewarding one by giving to others. I am sure they (the Cambodian orphanage) will never forget your generosity and thoughtfulness and big smiles! Thanks for sharing.
Sally, via

>> Welcome to Wales
I am a welshman and i thoroughly enjoyed Bob Cooper’s account of his visit (Journey, April). Having traveled widely in Wales (it’s not very wide!), I have seen most of what he delightfully describes. We have beautiful beaches, both on the south and west coasts of the country and wonderful rolling hills, always green. The green, green grass of home! Tom Jones played here first! You would absolutely love it, but I cannot do it more justice than has the poetic Mr. Cooper.

Cymru am byth equals welcome to Wales. Come and enjoy the hospitality.
Jack Walker, via

>> Microclimates
Nice to read of a rehab success story in Novato (“Hamilton Field,” March). I have high hopes for the Oakland Army Base, since Phil Tagami signed a negotiating agreement with the city. Hopefully, they will follow a similar model and make some studio space for artists.
OaklandGrown, via

>> Homeless in Marin
your recent story (“Homeless in Marin,” March) about Marin’s homelessness was one of the best summaries of the situation I’ve seen to date. It provided visibility to something the 2008-2009 civil grand jury, on which I sat, called, “the invisible problem that won’t disappear.” Missing was any specific reference to the homeless youth population. To my knowledge, only one local nonprofit, Ambassadors of Hope and Opportunity, focuses strictly on the youth homeless. Both AHO and its founder, Zara Babitzke, were recently nominated for San Francisco Foundation leadership awards.
Woody Weingarten, San Anselmo

Thank you for this story (“Homeless in Marin,” March). This is at least a hint of the ordinary stories of some of the extraordinary people who share Marin as our unhoused neighbors. As the shelter director, I’m glad to see the focus begin to turn from shelter to housing. A correction to the story: Yvonne Wild is not simply a monitor at St. Vincent’s but a staff person in our shelters, encouraging, assisting and listening to our guests.         
Chris, via

Correction: In the April article “The Shack,” three of the interior shots (including kitchen, above) were taken by Oakland photographer Mark Dessert. Marin Magazine apologizes for the credit oversight.

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