Readers Respond

>> Road Wars
When it comes to bikes as transport (“Road Wars,” May), study the bikes you see in any European city; transport cycling is both safe and friendly. In Europe riders dress in normal clothes (no Lycra) and are on sit-up bikes. They bike slower and the rider, who is sitting up, sees better and makes eye contact with drivers. The result: almost no road rage, and very few crashes and injuries.
Mike Rubbo, via

Nice piece. My one objection is the implication in the article that all bike riders on Marin County roads are Lycra-wearing recreationists. There are also people using bicycles in Marin to reach their workplaces and other necessary destinations. Some of them are people of means who choose to ride to get exercise and reduce pollution. Others are low-income people who cannot afford a car or public transportation.
Jake W., via

>> Still Singing
your recent story (“Something to Sing About,” May) was a bright spot in my day. I love that people still have something to sing about! I also checked out the online version of the article and loved hearing the a cappella group’s music that you featured on your site.
Michelle Mattoon, San Anselmo

>> Good Times in Tahoe
Thanks so much for your recent article  (“The Tahoe High Life,” May). Our family visits Tahoe at least once a month so it was so great to read about the events in the area!
Geoff Myers, Mill Valley

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