Readers Respond

Thanks for another outstanding issue of Marin Magazine. Your editorial on the ongoing issue of St. Vincent’s/Silveira development was 100% accurate as to the facts and offered a clear and unbiased explanation of why the project should be allowed to go forward in a way that will be fair to all. We have lived and worked in Marin for over 30 years but do not want to be part of the “Not in My Backyard” group. This project will benefit so many it would be a shame to allow the noisy and politically active extreme few to have their way. Let’s say no to the dark vision of exclusion and fear.
Thank you for your support.
Richard and Jean Gallagher, San Rafael

I agree completely with your thoughts and words in your June POV regarding “the Extended Baylands Corridor Proposal.” At some point, we need to think more in terms of the needs of our people and perhaps less in terms of endangered species, lest we become one!
Wes Starratt, via email

Thank you for the excellent article about the Marin Humane Society and its many innovative programs. And thanks for helping to raise awareness that, in addition to the wonderful dogs and cats that can be adopted, there are also rabbits, chickens, turtles and so many other types of companion animals available.
Paula Spencer, San Anselmo


Big Oops! In the June issue, we apologize for cutting off the Marin Humane Society story short of completion (“Animal House,” page 62). Go to for the full story.

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