Readers Respond

I really enjoyed the article on St. Vincent’s—such a fabulous place! This piece will go a long way towards building awareness to ensure its future.
Beth Moon, via email

Tim Porter’s article about “Bambi” was absolutely stunning in its clarity of arguments about the exotic deer at Point Reyes National Seashore. It will stand me in good stead as I try to explain the pro- and con- arguments about the elimination of the deer. I fully expect an “adopt-a-deer” movement to arise in East Marin to deter the coming elimination of the exotics. It is not a pretty story, but as Tim so eloquently stated, it’s either the native black-tailed deer or the introduced exotics. We have to choose.

I have been studying the population explosions of these deer for many years. Every time the National Park sharpshooters come in and cull the herds, it looks better for the native deer. But the balance does not last long. Shortly, the population explodes and we are back to square one.
Nancy M . Skinner, San Anselmo

I always enjoy reading your beautiful magazine, but I have a small correction to a statement in “Bambi vs. Bambi,” “Nonnative species have brought us great benefit (horses and cattle in North America courtesy of European explorers)…” Yes indeed, great benefits—but the horse is in fact a native to North America. Thank you for ending this article with quotes from Joanne Stewart, my old friend. I quite agree with her viewpoint.
Connie Berto, San Anselmo

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