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Crime and Punishment

Dear Jim Wood: thank you for a history of the death penalty in Marin County (POV, August). As I am a man of simple thoughts and solutions, it occurred to me that the early technique of shooting was unsuccessful because of inaccurate riflemen. My suggestion is that we may be able to employ accurate riflemen and be able to proceed and reduce the overcrowding problem. I imagine some people will think that is inhumane. It is. So is raping and killing a defenseless woman or a young girl. If we have a court system designed to successfully determine guilt or innocence, and the overwhelming conclusion is that we have a brutal killer and threat to society, it seems the people of California believe that death is the right penalty. What is your solution to the threat these people pose to society? SCOTT GERBER, SAN RAFAEL, VIA EMAIL

Union Strong

Dear Jim Wood: reading your article on the Richmond–San Rafael Bridge (Looking Back, July) brought back memories of my younger years as a passenger in the backseat of our ’52 Chevy driving down the ramp to the ferryboat. However, I took exception to your statement that “union strikes beached the ferries that daily transported cars and commuters from Marin to the East Bay and back. Reliability was needed.” Sometimes a strike is important to let the public know what is going on. One more thing: that wonderful bridge was a very hard job done right and stood the test of time thanks to the union steelworkers, union carpenters and union laborers. ALFRED FERRERA, VIA EMAIL

Recycling Tips

Jim, thank you for your article (POV, July) regarding recycling. When I have recyclable items that I can put in my regular compost, I store them in the freezer in to-go containers, egg cartons or cereal boxes so there’s no stench. I then put them in the green can on the day of pickup and they stay frozen so there’s no mess. I also have a separate small garbage can for used tissues, paper towels and nutshells, which I also place in the green can. Hope this helps. LYNN KEMMETER, SAN RAFAEL, VIA EMAIL

A Roar of Approval

What a gripping tale (“Botswana,” September), told with a great sense of humor, deep insight and attention to detail. ASHOK KHANNA, NOVATO, VIA EMAIL

Still in Touch

Thanks so much for publishing a great magazine. We moved from Belvedere to Greenwich in 2007 and your magazine is a wonderful way for me to keep a connection. HEIDI SCHARFMAN, OLD GREENWICH, CONN., VIA EMAIL

September Issue Corrections

In our “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay” feature, a computer glitch caused two photos to appear in the wrong sections. This error meant two profile shots did not run that should have. Below, see Mari Steeno of Issaquarium and Henry and Renee Baer of The Train Wreck. The problem has been corrected online.

In On the Job we incorrectly described Joanne Jarvis as a National Park Service ranger. She is a ranger for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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