Your Letters

Giving Thanks

Thank you for your recent article “Giving Back” (December), which profiled many of the nonprofit agencies committed to the well-being of Marin residents. We at the Community Institute for Psychotherapy (CIP) are grateful and proud to be among these committed organizations. Thank you again for your acknowledgment of these agencies and the caring and involved community we all serve. LYNN GUTTMAN LENT, PRESIDENT OF CIP, VIA EMAIL

Water Woes

Thank you so much for your article about the contents of our water in Marin (“What’s in Your Water?” January). A group of us are getting signatures for an initiative to place a moratorium on the addition of fluoride until studies are done to ensure its safety. It is costly to add, it needs special handling because of its toxicity and it is impossible to regulate the dosage evenly in the process of adding it. SANGITA MOSKOW, VIA EMAIL


First and foremost, I would like to express my deep appreciation for the publishing of the fine article by Mark Anthony Wilson (“Marin City,” December). I have noted two incorrect statements — articles on Frank Lloyd Wright and Aaron Green receive a great deal of scrutiny. The statement “Green opened his San Francisco practice after Wright’s death in 1959” is incorrect; Green opened his San Francisco practice at 319 Grant Avenue in 1951, sharing a joint office space with Wright. Also, the statement “The five-story units at the base of the hillsides were Green’s work; Warnecke designed the two-story town houses along Drake Road” is incorrect. In fact, the five-story units at the base of the hillsides and the two-story town houses along Drake Road were Green’s work; John Carl Warnecke was responsible for administration and construction documents. JAN NOVIE, PRESIDENT, AARON GREEN ASSOCIATES INC., VIA EMAIL

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