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100 Years

The article “Point Reyes Days” (August) was most compelling. Having been to many of the places mentioned, and being a supporter of the national park system, I found new information presented; the story reminded me to visit the lighthouse again and other areas that I have missed. SHERYL NELSON, NOVATO, VIA ONLINE

More Champs

I was disappointed to see you miss one of my favorite Olympians (Currents, “Community Champs,” August). Ted Murphy of San Anselmo won a silver medal for rowing in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and besides all that, he is an all-around great guy. MAGGIE MCCANN, LUCAS VALLEY

A very notable omission in Marin Magazine’s list of local Olympians is Steve Clark (he lived in Tiburon, not sure where in Marin today). He won three Olympic swimming gold medals in 1964 and would have won two more in 1960 under current rules. BARRY SPITZ, SAN ANSELMO

Eds.: We heard about even more Olympic medalists from Marin; here they are. Ellen Estes, Novato (Water Polo); Tim Evans, Larkspur (Rowing); Scott Munn, Larkspur (Rowing); Ken Flax (Hammer Throw); Jake Highland, Novato (Volleyball); Jennifer Azzi, Mill Valley (Basketball).

Open Waters

Thanks for your story on dredging (“Shallow Waters,” August). Consider a feature on the dredging of Corte Madera Creek, where the Larkspur Marina deepwater homeowners have successfully established their own assessment district. We are currently dredging and have done so successfully for four years. This benefits recreational users as well as residents along the creek. ANGELA AND ARTHUR CURLEY, VIA EMAIL

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