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Fashion Forward

I just wanted to applaud you for a wonderful fashion shoot (“Bodies in Motion,” March 2015). I usually feel so disappointed in fashion photography as it is impossible to see and appreciate the clothing. Claudia Goetzelmann not only shot a beautiful model, but allowed us to see and get a real feel for the clothes. I could imagine them. So often fashion articles are so obscured with “drama” that no real fashion comes through. I also appreciated that the clothes were available locally and prices and origins were clearly listed. I found them, for the most part, to be reasonably priced. This was an accessible and real fashion article. Thank you, well done. CLAUDIA CHITTENDEN, MILL VALLEY, VIA EMAIL

Low Priority

Jim Wood’s POV piece (March 2015) about homelessness was absorbing, illuminating and sad. He rightly points out that “homelessness” is a word with many dimensions and is colored by many preconceived notions. My perspective is empathetic toward the mentally ill and those on whom addictions of many sorts have wreaked havoc. My anger is directed toward the reign of Ronald Reagan, during which time the safety net of mental health hospitals and institutions was virtually destroyed in the name of tax savings and cheered on by those who believed that people with mental illness were always stable enough to take their medications in unsupervised environments. Homelessness has no single cause and certainly no easy answer. It is global. It is a pandemic of another kind, but it seems so low on the priority list of national governments as to boggle the mind. Perhaps Wood’s POV should be required reading for every elected official. GARY TOBIN, PRINCIPAL, TOBIN & ASSOCIATES, VIA EMAIL

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