Laughing Glass Cocktails

Some days are coffee days (5 a.m. alarm), and some days are wine days (gridlock traffic). For the women of San Anselmo’s Laughing Glass Cocktails, every day is a margarita day. Founded by Marin locals and close friends Sydney Rainin-Smith, Jill Korst and Carey Clahan (pictured, left to right), the company produces all-natural ready-made margaritas from the trio’s fresh pressed lime recipe, with two more cocktails slated for release this year. “We tasted all the other products on the market, and they all tasted like something out of your medicine cabinet, and worse, were filled with nasty chemicals,” Clahan says. “Our margarita has only a few natural and organic ingredients and is low in calories to boot.”

PHILOSOPHY Aside from creating an authentic high-quality product that drinkers can feel good about sipping, the company aims to bring women together. “Laughing Glass Cocktails is all about friendships,” Korst says. “It’s why we started in the first place, but just as important, we want to encourage friends to get together frequently, and get laughing.” THE SCOOP The signature margaritas are composed of simple, quality ingredients like all-natural citrus and organic agave nectar. Specifically omitted are substances that make some ready-made cocktails unappealing: artificial preservatives, sweeteners, additives, flavors or colors. You can find Laughing Glass margaritas all over California and online through Ludwig’s Fine Wine & Spirits and the Jug Shop. BEYOND MARIN The Laughing Glass ladies also list “tequila distillers” on their shared resume. Unable to find a bulk tequila brand that met their high standards, they headed to Mexico and an artisan distillery, where they produced their own proprietary blend — a super-premium blanco tequila — making theirs the only company in the ready-to-serve cocktail market that crafts its own spirit. WHAT THEY SAY “We work together 100 hours a week, but at the end of a crazy day or workweek, we still love to hang out with each other,” Rainin-Smith says. “Recently, we went on a family ski trip to Montana with our husbands and kids and of course shipped a case of our margaritas to enjoy après ski.”