Detroit Girl Michelle Schmitt Makes Good


On November 29th, Michelle Schmitt and her band celebrated her 10th annual benefit concert at 142 Throckmorton Theater by releasing her new record, “St. Mary’s” which benefited Her mission at these shows is to get food and care to those in need. Michelle began this benefit concert because of her desire to use her music as a vehicle to alleviate some of the struggle that people experience. In her family business, BMW of SF, Michelle has been donating food and care to the homeless for the last 25 years. When she resumed her music career 20 years ago, Michelle decided to do the same by donating 100% of her music proceeds to organizations like and “It is only because of the collected effort of all who attend my concerts, donate money and purchase my music that help make this substantial impact. Together, in the last 10 years, we have assisted over 3 million people”. To see what Michelle has planned for 2019, go to

Sausalito, CA