Engage, Uplift With Aerial Entertainment of Marin

Are you looking to plan a birthday party so special that your loved one completely forgets about last year? Are you looking to learn a new skill that will enhance the way you relate to your body and the world around you?

I bet you’d be surprised by what is possible with the right aerial acrobatics coach, and equipment specialist, with access to all the top vendors in the nation nonetheless. Luckily, I can provide all of the above!

My name is Meredith McMurray. I am the owner of Aerial Entertainment of Marin. I specialize in providing complete, custom aerial acrobatics equipment setups as well as ongoing, private coaching in the comfort of your own home.

Together, we can create single-day events such as morale-boosting performances, life-changing birthday parties and inspiring workshops or ongoing aerial acrobatics programs as an added feature for your business or recreation center.

Summer camp season is coming! If you have a community of families looking for a unique summer camp experience, we can create an aerial acrobatics summer camp at your location or simply add learning to fly onto an already-planned summer camp.

Aerial acrobatics is a radical, life-affirming activity. It offers next-level strength building. It is more like skydiving than like going to the gym. When you leave the ground and find balance and flow, you also find empowerment. When you come back down, feelings of confidence and accomplishment follow you throughout the day and beyond! Incorporating aerial acrobatics infuses playfulness, inspiration and new life into your backyard, yoga studio, gym or local recreation center!

For more information contact me at (415) 302-4221 or [email protected].

A little about me

  • I have more than nine years of experience as an aerial acrobat.
  • I’ve had the privilege of training at Gravity Circus Centre in London, London Dance Academy, Circus Center SF, Athletic Playground in Emeryville, Aerial Artique in San Francisco, and many more. I have performed across the country for companies such as Google, Airbnb, Pear and Dogpatch WineWorks.
  • For the past six years, I have helped train new and experienced acrobats. I’ve found that no matter how nervous they are when they start, I can always help my students find success in the air!
  • This year, I’ve been privileged to obtain the role of Product Developer and Customer Success Specialist at VVolfy Metal Works. They are the manufactures of Ludwig Aerial Rigs, a brand of portable rig that is widely known, loved and trusted by those in the aerial acrobatics industry.

I’m the former owner of Aerial Arts Fairfax, a beloved, popular acrobat school. Each week, 40 students attended aerial classes there. Ultimately had to close because of insurmountable lockdown policies and the resulting extreme financial hardship.

I hope to continue providing this essential activity to every person in the local community who wants access to top of the line aerial acrobatic equipment, results based coaching, and even jaw dropping performances! Please contact me so I can make your dreams come true!