Eva Claiborne, the Beauty Expert Behind TITOK Naturals

Eva Claiborne

Eva Claiborne was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, the heart of European spa culture, where she was inspired to become a master aesthetician. After moving to the U.S. in 1989, she continued her training and travels to hone her skin-care techniques and incorporate new technologies. Eva received Marin Magazine’s “Best of the County” award for facials and beauty and wellness services in 2015, 2017 and 2019; beyond skin care, she is certificated in manual lymphatic drainage and has a degree in Reiki healing.

As proprietor of her namesake wellness boutique spa in downtown Tiburon, she provides the latest antiaging treatments. In addition to treating her private clientele there on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, she collaborates with area dermatologists and plastic surgeons, including at Plastic Surgery Specialists, where she offers skin care consultations, as well as nonmedical pre- and postoperative wellness treatments, on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Her unique approach — melding signature treatments, special products, globally derived training and years of experience — focuses on well-being inside and out, before and after cosmetic procedures and surgery. 



Her focus on postoperative care over the years led Eva to create TITOK naturals®, her signature skin care line for both pre- and post-operative skin. The results-oriented organic line, featuring combinations of natural, active ingredients drawn from the latest science, is aimed at achieving healthy, more even-toned and luminous skin. Manufactured to the highest-quality standards in a dermatological laboratory, the collection reflects Eva’s overall approach, geared to promoting both healthy skin and a healthy planet. Plant-based and eco-friendly, with exotic fair-trade ingredients, essential oil fragrances and earth-derived minerals, each product is made in small batches with clean energy sources and packaged in recyclable containers. 


TITOK naturals® is specially created for the following skin care issues and goals: 

Hormonal Skin/Sun-Damaged, Dry, Mature Skin – to rejuvenate face, neck, décolleté and eye area


Products in this line help revitalize, reshape, firm and tighten mature skin, improve hydration, and promote rejuvenation. They contain plant stem cells, growth factors, antioxidants, multi-peptides and a combination of natural active ingredients, some of them Ecocert, and they incorporate new antiaging technology to help skin look more youthful, vibrant and even toned.

Rosacea/Sensitive and Allergic Skin – to cool warm, red, irritated skin

This line helps reduce inflammation and redness and boosts hydration, via arnica and a combination of other calming natural active ingredients, some approved by Ecocert. Antiaging technology helps skin appear calm and balanced.

Oily/Acne Skin – for both adults and teens

Products in this line help balance production by oil glands, reducing breakouts and inflammation and improving hydration. Biosulfur, azaleic acid and a combination of natural active ingredients, some EcoCert certified, promote healing of acne, prevent infection, reduce redness and even out pigmentation for visibly calmer, clearer skin.

Skin Brightening – to correct discoloration

These products brighten skin, fade dark spots and freckles, improve hydration and boost collagen. Kojic acid, arbutin, ferulic acid and a blend of natural active ingredients, including Ecocert-approved substances, work with the most modern antiaging technology to achieve more uniform, even-toned and luminous skin.

Aging/Dehydrated Skin – to hydrate for all skin types


To improve and maintain hydration, protect against UV radiation and prevent premature aging, these products apply the benefits of hyaluronic acid, multi-peptides, high-potency multi-C, ferulic acid and a unique combination of natural active ingredients, some of them also Ecocert. The complexion appears noticeably hydrated, nourished and more youthful.

All products can be directly purchased on their website.