Faces of Marin’s Local Businesses: Gary Sipos, College Cash Solutions


Gary Sipos, College Cash Solutions

We help families reduce their college costs. Did you know 529 plans work against your obtaining scholarships and grants, and grandparent owned 529 plans reduce awards five times as much? If you own a home or a rental property they can be excluded as assets thus providing more scholarships and grants for your student. There are hundreds of non-intuitive rules that will increase the amount of scholarships and grants your student may be awarded for college. Many families deserve scholarships and grants but fail to receive them by not deciphering the thousands of pages of the Department of Education Codes.

We have read them, know the rules, and will help you maximize the amount of scholarships and grants your student can receive for college.

College Cash Solutions, based in San Rafael since 2010, has helped hundreds of families. Let us help yours. Contact us at www.CollegeCashSolutions.com and book a meeting to find out how we can help you Reduce Your College Costs.

4040 Civic Center Drive, Suite 200, San Rafael, CA