Faces of Marin’s Local Businesses: Victoria Hitchcock Style


Victoria Hitchcock Style

SF’s Hustle called me “The Hoodie Exterminator.” The Times (London) said I am “given to acts of benevolent ruthlessness.” But I prefer to think of myself as a style-icon creator and fashion lifestylist, transforming my clients’ fashion and lifestyle into a business or personal brand as unique as they are.

A product of southern California and Spain, my fashion journey began at age 10 on a family trip. As others viewed artwork at the Museo del Prado in Madrid, I dangled my scrawny legs from a bench, mentally dressing passing visitors with elements from the classic paintings on display.

I still optimize people’s style, but now it’s because they ask. And instead of using classic paintings, I use the Deconstructed Office and LifestyleTM approach I’ve created. Personal branding for work and life, in-person and virtual.

It’s gratifying to be referred to as “the world’s most exclusive stylist” by GQ, but the truth is, my most satisfying job is being a mom to my four kids.

Bay Area, CA