Lifehouse Needs Your Help: Join their Harvest Auction for a Virtual Hangout with Hamilton’s Stars


It is no secret that the “new normal” as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a tremendous effect on how we live our lives, testing us all in ways that we could never have imagined. Despite many challenges Lifehouse remains focused on providing a high quality of life, care, and safety for individuals with developmental disabilities in our community. The Lifehouse staff have shown great resilience and dedication. “It feels good to be an essential worker. It feels extra intense at first, and, as each day, week and month goes by, the intensity increases as does my focus, which can be exhausting. I really feel the immense responsibility of keeping our community safe,” says Aaron DeWall, Direct Support Staff at Lifehouse.

As day and work programs remain closed, Lifehouse’s 400+ staff have stepped up, working extra hours to meet the essential needs of those who depend on their services. As the demands of the community grow, Lifehouse is challenged with raising funds to fill the gap created by overtime hours needed to continue providing essential services. For the first time ever, Lifehouse will be hosting a virtual Harvest Auction from October 9th–18th.

The virtual Harvest Auction will include a variety of luxury experiences, fine jewelry, wine, gift certificates, and gift baskets from local businesses. One of the most exciting and unique experiences is a virtual hangout with the stars of Hamilton! “Get in the room” for a one-hour virtual hangout with three stars of the hit Broadway show. Learn how they got their big break, the challenges of the show, and how they maintain excellence while performing many different roles around the world.

Your participation and support of the Lifehouse Harvest Auction will allow them to address the disruption caused by Covid-19 and implement measures needed to keep everyone safe. Please be active and generous so that Lifehouse is able to continue providing essential services in our community.