There’s No Place Like Gump’s for the Holidays: Visit 250 Post St. for Your Gift-Giving Needs

Much like the city where it started, Gump’s was founded on passion, ingenuity and imagination. Beloved by locals and visitors alike, the store at 250 Post St., in San Francisco, is a mecca for those in search of the exceptional and unforgettable. 

During the holidays, it’s a magical winter wonderland showcasing gift ideas and seasonal decor filled with unending joy. Shoppers can peruse hundreds of mouth-blown glass ornaments hailing from Poland and Germany; nutcrackers and musical items handcrafted by artisans using techniques passed down from generation to generation; and jewelry cases brimming with colorful gemstones, brilliant diamonds, lustrous pearls and stunning jade. Like a warm, welcoming home, Gump’s invites and engages — and also offers a rarity: a knowledgeable and experienced team that provides unparalleled customer service. 

Gump’s is San Francisco

Thanks to the California Gold Rush, San Francisco was prospering in 1861 when Solomon and Gustave Gump started a modest mirror and frame shop. Within a few years, business was booming; when Solomon’s son Alfred took over in the early 1900s, the store’s focus began to shift. Using good taste as his compass, A.L. (as he was known) sent treasure seekers around the world to bring back rare and enchanting discoveries. Soon, Gump’s became the destination for the best of everything. Back then, there had never been anything like it. Now, 159 years later, there still isn’t: We continue to surprise and delight customers with objects of beauty and elegance, at times whimsical, but always unexpected.