Trying to Make It Real… Compared to What?


We’ve never been here before and we’re all trying to make sense of it. How are we supposed to be with all of “this”? On a deep level, the pandemic has put us in touch with not only our mortality but also our humanity. It has put less distance between people with means and those who don’t. Ultimately, from an absolute level we are all in this together but on a relative level, we are not. Millions have lost their jobs and businesses and the poor suffer greater effects of the COVID-19. The pandemic prompts us to ask deeper questions, focusing our attention on what we are doing with our lives, how we are leading them, to question the “busyness” of our lives. What kind of world will we leave for our children? With all the uncertainty, there are glimpses of humanity and creativity as we ponder these questions. And how can we as architects consider steps to make our practice more meaningful on both a local and global level?



  • The community gets closer. Despite social distancing, we’re connecting to more people.
  • People are rediscovering nature and literally howling at the moon. Nurseries are seeing more customers than ever as people plant vegetable gardens. Rescue animals are being adopted at an all-time high.
  • While we are being asked to isolate the value of connection has intensified. People are volunteering and reaching out to help.
  • People are also discovering the value of their neighborhoods through walks and bike rides.
  • Our families might become more multi-generational as aging parents might live with children and grandchildren.
  • Our Mediterranean climate affords us with the possibility of connecting our homes more readily with nature. As more time is spent at home, the need for active outdoor spaces and views to those spaces become even more vital.
  • Efficiency in design, like nature, will be more important than ever as the need to conserve energy and resources will become increasingly apparent. Perhaps more materials could be locally or regionally sourced more often.

At 361 Architecture, the original tenets of our work are being reaffirmed through this new way of life. We like to engage clients around kinesthetics. How do you feel in spaces that you are drawn to? We explore and tease out tangible reasons why that is the case. Our aim is to continually evolve and push our boundaries for positive changes to our built environments. We will continue to strive to create efficient spaces that are functional and feel good.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help with a design project. We can be found here:

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