Dog Days

AUGUST 31 MARKS NATIONAL Dog Day, and this year there’s a sound track to match the festivities. Canine Classics, Volume 1 features Dottie, an American bulldog, on the cover and celebrates all things dog inside. The man behind the music is none other than longtime Greenbrae resident Dick Bright, who has played with the likes of Huey Lewis, Bonnie Raitt, Carlos Santana and more. After successfully presenting some dog-themed lyrics while playing San Francisco SPCA’s Bark and Whine Ball, Bright and his production partner decided to put out an official record. The CD’s song titles include “SPCA” (a take on “YMCA”), “Walk Like a Dalmatian” (riffing on “Walk Like an Egyptian”) and “Turning Pekingese” (echoing “Turning Japanese”).