Elizabeth Canady of Belvedere

As an associate publisher for Martha Stewart Omnimedia who spends the week in either New York or L.A. and a frequent co-chair of the Reed School Annual Fashion Show, Liz Canady should be able to offer a few choice words on style. But when it came time to answer our questionnaire, she gathered some trusted friends and a bottle or two
of wine to help out.

Describe your personal style.  I’m not sure I have one. As with all women, no matter how large my closet is, there is never enough room for all the shoes. I am also known for having my share of Liz Logie blouses (38 at last count); they are my uniform. I like to put them with a pair of jeans and Jack Rogers (sandals) or Chanel flats, depending on the season. I guess you could say that when I like something, I like it a lot (much to my husband’s chagrin). My friends also came up with “colorful and classic and likes to incorporate the latest ‘it’ thing into her mostly traditional wardrobe.”

What are you wearing?  Well, it is Indian summer, so I am in my favorite white pants—these are Trina Turk—and a tunic and sandals, both by Tory Burch. Always need a splash of Jo Malone (French Lime Blossom) and my staple pair of pearl earrings.

Where do you love to shop in Marin?  With a soon-to-be-teenage daughter, I spend a lot of time at the trio of Abercrombie, J. Crew and Juicy Couture at the Village in Corte Madera. I do love M in Larkspur, where Marni, the owner, always has a great selection of clothes and I always find a new treasure from a designer like Milly or Nanette Lepore. Item and Pearl are great for special-occasion shopping from head to toe; you can get a terrific party dress and stylish shoes without leaving the parking lot. For unique hostess gifts, Citrus in Tiburon never lets me down. They have fun bags and shoes as well.

What is always in your bag/pockets?  I carry a BlackBerry for e-mails, Motorola Razor for my phone calls, and a Palm Treo for my addresses and my August-to-August calendar. On the beauty front, I always have a couple of lip glosses including the new Chanel brush-on style (color #73 is great for the summer), a ponytail holder for that bad hair day, and unsalted almonds from my last plane trip.

Where do you go to pamper yourself?  Huntington Spa (SF) or Carneros Inn for a spa treatment, followed by sitting by the pool in the warm Napa sunshine with a glass of bubbly and catching up with friends! In Marin, both Evo Spa and Stellar Spa are great spots, especially as they are open on Sundays (except for when I have sports activities with the kids).

How would your friends describe you?  They kindly suggest that I am a “go-to friend” for many things, including house projects, party favors, birthday gifts or the latest vacation spot. I am also considered an organized friend, as, for example, by summer’s end I have usually planned and completed our family holiday cards and sometimes I’m already working on theirs.

What was the last book you read, and why?  I am still compiling both my summer reading list and that of my kids. I just returned from our annual trip to East Hampton, where I happily jumped into the latest issue of Vanity Fair. Other than that, I am partially through Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth, as I enjoy historical fiction.

What was the last movie you saw?  Sex and the City. Opening day, first show, Northgate theater, with the rest of the Marin moms!

If your life was a movie, what would be your theme song?  “Beautiful Day” by U2. Living each day in Marin, surrounded by wonderful family and friends—what more could you ask for?