Letter from the Publisher

My father kept a plaque on his desk that held this quote by Evelyn Waugh: “Change is the only evidence of life.” As a girl, I would sit in his overstuffed chair, look up at that desk — a massive mahogany slab that made me feel smaller than I was — and wonder what those words meant. It was too much to figure out then, but I did know this: My father liked to make things happen. In that respect, we are much the same.

I know now that change provides the punctuating moments in our lives. This column, my first (and last) to you, is one of those times — my final act as co-founder/publisher of Marin Magazine. The day our December issue goes to print marks the day when Open Sky Media purchases our small, successful magazine company.

Nikki and Jim Wood and I launched this magazine in April 2005 with the goal of creating a publication that surpassed other regional products. We envisioned success as the creation of a magazine that was not only readable, enjoyable and connected to Marin’s many communities but also one that would help build local businesses. We believe we’ve done that, and our nomination as Best Regional Magazine in the country three of the last seven years provides an outside measure validating that belief.

Success is always about people, and ours lies with local business owners, dedicated staff and, especially, our loyal and passionate readers. It is because of the support of many visionary and fearless small-business owners that Marin Magazine exists today. They worked with our sales team and found the budgets to advertise during the darkest of the economy’s days, helping their businesses thrive and allowing Marin Magazine the honor each month of spotlighting the amazing people who make up our community. It has been a phenomenal privilege to be part of this scrappy world where business people lead by example. I hold them all in the highest regard and am honored to call many of them friend.

As for the magazine’s team, it has been like family. We have celebrated the joyful times — launching the magazine, writing books, celebrating marriages and children — and we have dried each other’s tears when losses, both professional and personal, entered our lives. Mostly, though, we showed up for each other, our clients and our readers to create a magazine that makes us proud.

Finally, I wish to thank our loyal and passionate readership. It is because of you that local businesses thrive, including Marin Magazine.

It has been my pleasure to stand beside Nikki and Jim Wood. Nikki will remain at the editorial helm and is committed to the future of Marin Magazine, and Jim will continue on with his many editorial contributions. I will be cheering the loudest from the sidelines.

As for me, my joy comes from building products and leading teams — a classic entrepreneur. This magazine, and this community, has given me joy in immeasurable amounts. I look forward to a world of infinite possibilities for all of us.

I started with Evelyn Waugh (thanks, Dad), and I’ll end with Shakespeare:

And whether we shall meet again I know not.
Therefore our everlasting farewell take:
For ever, and for ever, farewell, friends!
If we do meet again, why, we shall smile;
If not, why, then this parting was well made.

But, then again, the Bard did not have Twitter. Follow me: @lshanower. Farewell, friends.
Lisa Shanower, Publisher