Medical Cannabis Delivery to Your Front Door

Medical Cannabia Delivery to Your Front Door, Marin Magazine


Patient-focused, community-centered, and legally compliant cannabis medicines delivered by our fleet of electric vehicles to people who need them.

Brian Bjork, Marin Gardens’ founder, is a third generation Marin native with a passion for community and for entrepreneurship. Since 2012, Brian and his Marin Gardens team have served patients as if they were delivering medicines to their own families and friends — which is what many patients have become.

Marin Gardens proudly stocks a competitively-priced, “always available," nearly 200-item product menu. New patients, veterans, low-income patients and seniors receive discounts. Delivery, which uses hybrid vehicles, is always discreet and free. Therapeutic products and operational business services are locally-sourced. Marin Gardens’ “street teams” keep its neighborhood litter-free and employ local folks in need. For Brian Bjork and his staff, Marin Gardens is a labor of love. Providing patient-customers with the highest standard of quality and service is an honor and a joy.


Delivering to Marin County
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