Looking Back: Southern Marin Mothers’ Club

Moms Helping Moms, Southern Marin Mothers' Club 1993, Looking Back, Marin Magazine

IT STARTED 25 years ago, when 15 young women in southern Marin got together to explore the idea that communicating with each other might be a better approach than going through the perils of parenting alone. The above photo is of the initial board members in 1993. Keep in mind, back then there was no texting, emailing nor internet (so there was no need to build a website). Now the Southern Marin Mothers’ Club (SMMC) has 1,300 members with over 80 women and men serving on a general council that sets the overall tone for the group plus a board of directors that meets once a month. “And our mission — to provide a supportive, nurturing community for families to share meaningful experiences, fun and fellowship that strengthens family bonds — has changed very little in those 25 years,” says current SMMC president Catherine Wold. SMMC now has more than 100 playgroups appealing to a variety of interests and categories; supports a handful of Marin charities; and organizes a series of educational and social events, from a preschool fair to a parents-only Casino Night. Wold, a mother of two boys ages 2 and 4, says members typically join when their children are infants and often stay active until the kids are out of elementary school. “And actually, our group includes families from Novato and Fairfax to Sausalito, not just southern Marin.” The Southern Marin Mothers Club is a stand-alone nonprofit with annual dues of $75 and offers scholarships for families in need.


This article originally appeared in Marin Magazine’s print edition under the headline: “Moms helping Moms.”