Pushing the Boundaries of Educational Innovation

Pushing the Boundaries of Educational Innovation, Marin Magazine


Educational innovation is about designing curriculum, instructional practices and learning environments that will prepare students to succeed in a world of rapid technological advancements and ever-changing challenges. It involves transforming — in both small and large ways — what happens in the classroom, based on new research about how humans learn and construct knowledge.

As a student at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, Bonnie studied at the MIT Media Lab. “The Media Lab is an extraordinary place, a cognitive playland, where the future is invented and prototyped every day,” says Bonnie. Inspired by its radically interdisciplinary approach and blend of physical and computational media, Bonnie created her own version of a cognitive playland at Mark Day School in 2000, on the cutting edge of the maker movement.

Today, Bonnie oversees Mark Day’s media, technology and innovation programs, teaching kindergarten through eighth grade students to question, investigate, collaborate, design, and create in order to envision and invent their future.


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