It’s Showtime for the Sausalito Film Festival

Allison Faust says she couldn’t envision a better location. The festival director for the premiere Sausalito Film Festival at Cavallo Point has, along with festival creator Antonio Capretta, gathered 30 films to be shown over three days, August 21–23, in Marin. Films of all lengths and genres are presented—shorts, animation, documentaries and features from around the globe. With film categories such as the Art of Rebellion—stories of courage, controversy and risk; Advanced Global Citizenship—films about people who inspire positive change; and Imagination—out-of-the-ordinary films from experimental to sci-fi, Capretta says it’s “all about making this a unique film experience.” The handpicked films will be shown within two historical, converted theater buildings with the Golden Gate Bridge as a backdrop.

What prompted you to create the festival?
Capretta It was Sausalito. All of Marin is beautiful, but there is something about Sausalito. It has this authenticity. This town, with its history and all the artists and innovators who live here, really needed a film festival. 

What is your vision for the event?
Capretta First and foremost, 21 amazing film showings. The films will define us. I have always been drawn to honest filmmaking. Something that transcends the way you think from that point on. We are looking for those types of films. I also feel that Cavallo Point defines the vision. It is a magical place. If you visit Fort Baker the landscape and atmosphere seem to change every 30 minutes. It is like a shifting canvas. Having a film festival there just feels right. 

Why Sausalito?
Faust People around the world are familiar with Sausalito. It is known as a beautiful waterfront town, yes, but also as an artistic, creative town with a unique personality.

What were some of the challenges you faced in planning the event?
Faust Our main challenge has been the economy—certainly no surprise there. We have been planning this festival for well over a year, but there was a point this March when we discussed postponing the event. We soon realized that a great idea must happen, despite economic fears. It’s important to keep growing and fueling ideas. Now more than ever, creative and thought-stimulating events are of tremendous value.

What films are you excited about?
Capretta You cannot always see great documentaries on cable or network TV and there are not that many documentaries that are released theatrically. There are many filmmakers creating superior work about issues and problems that we are not aware of. There are so many stories regarding social change and injustices that are now being revealed through these independent documentaries. Several of these films will be shown in the festival.   

What is your favorite film category for this first year’s festival?
Capretta It is the underlying spirit of this festival: the Art of Rebellion. Great films are created by filmmakers who constantly push the edge. All writers, directors, and actors who live on the edge and create groundbreaking films are rebels. This festival celebrates that mentality.

If You Go

Sausalito Film Festival at Cavallo Point, August 21–23. 415.887.9506,