Life Style

What are you wearing? A simple ivory, floor-length organza dress by Ross designer Lea Ditson. I am holding flowers by Michael Labrie of Sonoma. I wanted my dress to be simple and elegant and my flowers to look natural and flowing like I had picked them out of my garden.

How did long did it take you to get ready?   The hairdresser took an hour, my makeup about 30 minutes and the dress took about three minutes to put on.

What was your favorite aspect of your dress?  The movement of it…the way it flowed when I walked; it was light and lovely. It was over 90 degrees on our wedding day, one of the hottest days on record for June, and I felt extremely comfortable in my dress.

How long did take you to find the perfect dress?  First of all, I wanted something very simple, and didn’t think it was going to be so difficult to find. All the dresses I tried on seemed so overstated. After a couple months of futile searching, a friend from Kenwood told me about Lea Designs. Once I explained my ideal dress to Lea, she found the fabric and started the process right away.

What did the groom wear?  He wore an Armani jacket and slacks, and a cream shirt with a matching cream tie.

Did you help him pick it out? Absolutely not; he has exceptional taste.

How was working with the designer?  She was so easy to work with. I told her I wanted it to be simple yet ethereal and flowy…somehow she pulled it off. I also got my rehearsal dinner outfit from her as well; it was a two-piece top and skirt. My husband is Chinese, and the ceremony reflected both of our heritages, hence the fabric had a beautiful Chinese symbol for prosperity, or maybe it was for health.

Who influenced your design?  I have to admit that I was watching the Oscars, and when Jennifer Aniston walked down the red carpet in a gorgeous black organza dress, I knew that I wanted to have that dress in white or ivory—with a little more flow.

Who are your fashion influences?  If I have to name a celebrity, it would probably be someone like Annette Bening or Diane Keaton. They both have a simple yet elegant style.

Where do you shop?  I like to shop in the boutiques in downtown Mill Valley, or the malls in Corte Madera.

Never be caught dead in…  Those new balloon dresses and tulip skirts… they’re just not my style.

What is your best cheapo secret?  Costco; they’ve got some great buys.

What do you splurge on?   I like to live it up with my accessories. I love handbags and shoes, and sometimes I’ll splurge on Prada, Tods or Kate Spade.

What is always in your bag?   My cell phone, sunglasses and lipstick, usually Lancome or Chanel.

What is the single most essential piece in your wardrobe?   A great long-sleeve white T-shirt.

What was the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought?  When I was in London a few years ago, I bought a beautiful jacket by Japanese designer Issey Miyake.

Did it make you happy?   I took it back.

Was your wedding dress anything like the dress you dreamed of as a child?  No.