What are you wearing? A vintage jacket that I had lined with luxurious silk; the pants and tank are from M Clothing. The necklace is an antique pocket watch on a ribbon; vintage rings I collect from antique markets; Wellington boots are by Marc Jacobs and my husband’s dive watch. Finnegan is wearing a hand-knit hat by Blake & Will and
vintage baby clothes from Maison Rêve.

Where do you like to shop for Finnegan? Antique markets and consignment shops. And of course, he’s my main model for French baby clothes at my store.

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Considering I live in my Barefoot Dreams robe, I’m ready from the get-go. Now, if I’m going out somewhere fancy, I need 59 minutes.

Describe your personal style. I call it “Urban Farmhouse.” For example, take a classic coat from a flea market, change out the buttons to vintage, and cluster pocket watches on a pretty ribbon. That’s my style.

Who are your fashion influences? French women—I love the way they pull an outfit together with seemingly disparate pieces, add three mismatched watches and look fabulous.

Where do you love to shop in Marin?  M Clothing in Corte Madera. The owner, Marty, carries my favorite designers, Rebecca Taylor and Milly, as well as Phillip Lim and Splendid T-shirts. And the service is great; last time I was there, they went next door to get me a caffé latte!

What is always in your bag/pockets? With a newborn, my bag is a vintage camera case cum diaper bag. Besides the baby blankets, rattles and a stuffed Peter Rabbit, I always carry a piece of chocolate and the book French Women Don’t Get Fat, just in case I come across a friend to give it to.

What is the single most essential piece in your wardrobe? I have two essentials: headbands—I love making my own—and Wellington boots; is there a better shoe? I have them in lots of fun colors.

Where do you love to eat in Marin? Who’s paying? Lark Creek Inn because the ambience inspires me, the Buckeye Roadhouse for their signature Oysters Bingo. But I also love our Sausalito locals—Fish, Christophe, Sushi Ran, Gaylord and Cacciucco.

What’s your fashion pet peeve? Lack of individuality. We all have our own personal style, we just have to find it and feel beautiful letting it out!

What was the last book you read and why? Life Messages for Moms by Josephine Carlton because it’s so inspiring and Goodnight Moon (because I always loved it and think Finnegan will too).

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever bought? That would be a naughty pair of vintage Gucci knee-high boots I found in SoHo. Oh wait, and our beautiful 1893 Victorian farmhouse here in Sausalito!

Did it make you happy? It makes my husband happy when I wear nothing but the boots and the house definitely makes us both happy.

If your life were a movie, what would be your theme song? “Singing in the Rain” (in my wellies, of course).