Boo Koo

Boo Koo


Chef and Owner

Nine years ago, owner Matt Holmes created an urban inspired street food joint that can best be described as fresh, fun, and affordable. All entrées begin vegan. Dishes are inspired equally by the abundance of local produce and the classic recipes and cooking techniques of South East Asia. For those who desire a protein, a full gamut of steak, chicken and fish can be added to each dish for diners to create customized concoctions.

Boo Koo’s inspirations and influences are immeasurable. “We are as influenced by chefs like Mai Pham (Lemongrass) and David Chang (Momofuku) as we are with Dr. Colin Campbell’s novel, The China Study. Our staff is having fun creating healthy seasonal dishes and new specials paired with the best craft beers.”

25 Miller Ave, Mill Valley, CA


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