The Baan Thai Cuisine

The Baan Thai Cuisine

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The Baan Thai Cuisine

Owner: Jukreewat Suthon

Address: 726 San Anselmo Ave, San Anselmo

Phone: 415.457.9470

Voted “Best Thai in Marin,” for Best of the County 2022, The Baan Thai Cuisine has been serving fresh, local, and seasonal food to Marin County residents with love and care since 2020. Owner Jackie and the team have been working hard to create the best Thai food in the county. They not only care about what is in their dishes, but about the containers that they go into — here containers are all compostable.

Enjoy the house special “Tom Yum Beer,” a perfect union of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, and galangal that results in a bright, crisp, and zesty brew. Complex and thirst-quenching, it pairs excellently with Thai dishes with an unparalleled ability to cut through spices and heat. Make your reservation today.

Jackie Suthon Shares Comfort Foods, Kitchen Hacks and Recipe Tips

What is your go-to comfort food?

My comfort go-to food is very simple and super healthy. That would be fresh rolls with our secret peanut sauce.

What food reminds you of childhood — do you have a specific memory that comes to mind?

When I was a kid, my parents would take me up to the mountains and we would always bring our own food and picnic. Chicken satay stands out — the tenderness with peanut sauce, I serve the one that tastes the same at The Baan Thai Cuisine.

Could you share a favorite recipe or some kitchen tricks for our readers?

Cooking from my experience is about heating and timing. You have to be aware of both all the time to create good food.

What about working in this industry is special or important to you?

Working in food industry is hard, because everything you do affects people’s health. We also care not just what is in the dishes or container, but also the container itself, all our containers are compostable. We are here not just for business, we’re here for people and community.

The Baan Thai Cuisine
Photo courtesy of Jacquelyn Warner

The Baan Thai Cuisine has been serving up fresh locally sourced Thai food since 2013, and offers a healthy alternative to traditional holiday fare. Just before the pandemic, Jukreewat Suthon stepped in as the new owner bringing his own traditional Thai family recipes to the mix. 

The Baan Thai Cuisine
Photo courtesy of Jacquelyn Warner

Dish featured and what makes it special.

The Baan Thai salad. It’s a popular and tasty fresh salad made with minced chicken and prawns topped with our secret dressing — a perfect plate and healthy meal..

What are popular holiday take-out dishes?

A papaya salad is a great fit for holiday entertaining. It’s refreshing and healthy and is in line with the Thai traditional eating style.

What has changed since you took over? 

I have upgraded everything — the quality of food, the ambiance in the restaurant, non-plastic packaging, the service quality and I also created a new menu based on my traditional family recipes. 

What are you looking forward to this holiday season? 

Gathering with friends and family, with traditional Thai BBQ, which we make here.