Cannabis for Lovers: How to use Cannabis as an Aphrodisiac


When used properly, cannabis relaxes you and increases bodily sensitivity and pleasure – with or without the high. SAVA, a high-end cannabis delivery service in the Bay Area, has assembled this guide on incorporating cannabis into the bedroom. Try, and enjoy! 

A few things to know 

2019 offers a whole new world of cannabis, and with it an abundance of artisan products that feel more spa-like than stoner-like. When it comes to using cannabis as an aphrodisiac, there are a few directions you can explore. 

Topicals: these are oils you put on externally to increase sensitivity and they do not get you high. THC is a vasodilator, so it increases blood flow to the area and therefore sensitivity. These work for women, but don’t do much for men. 

Edibles and Tinctures: these will give you a buzz, and we recommend starting with small doses – you can always add more! These products have a slower onset, and a longer duration because they go through your digestive system first. 

Smoking and Vaping: this has a faster onset, and shorter duration. Vape pens specifically formulated with terpene and cannabinoid profiles that get you excited are very effective!

A few things to try:

Quim Rock Night Moves Intimate Oils

Specifically designed to intensify sensation and increase libido, this topical is contains cannabis with a touch of tea tree oil. It doesn’t give any high, but will heighten your pleasure! 



Humboldt Apothecary Love Potion No. 7

The best of both worlds, this tincture can be taken orally – a delicious blend of cannabis and other elements to enhance libido, like cinnamon, vanilla, kava kava, cardamom – or it can be used externally as a topical. 



Kikoko Sensuali-Tea

One cup of this organic, delicious tea is perfect split between two people just starting to explore cannabis in the bedroom. 



Dosist Arouse Pen

As the name implies, this blend of cannabinoids and terpenes will boost your desire! This vape pen includes a little buzzer that lets you know when you’ve take on “dose” so you can replicate the feeling each time you use it. 



These aphrodisiacs, and more are available for delivery to your door via SAVA. SAVA wants to help you find the right cannabis for your needs, so if you have any questions, try out their customer support – they even offer 20 min phone consultations if you want to get all your burning cannabis questions answered.