First Comes Love, Then Comes Financial Wisdom


Today, relationships are more complex and diverse than ever before, and couples must make adjustments in their money management styles to address those complexities. The conversations couples have about finances will evolve along with the relationship and their life stage.

Whether you’re just dating, getting serious, moving in together, engaged, married for a while, or celebrating a silver or golden anniversary, you will have so many opportunities to better understand and share with your partner. Over time, you’ll discover chances to consider how your financial management style meshes with your partner’s, find new ways to better connect your habits with your shared goals, and happen upon occasions—through small things as simple as discussing a budget—to deepen the most important connection of all: the bond of your partnership.

Regardless of your ultimate plans for your relationship, you’ll have to deal with money. Doing so can promote open communication, trust around money habits, and can lead to a positive experience around money conversations for both partners.

More insight as to your partner’s money values can only be beneficial to your relationship in the long run.

Everyone knows it’s important for married couples to think about and discuss financial issues like saving and spending, credit use, and retirement planning. But I think it’s equally important to focus on personal finance at any stage of your relationship.

As a newlywed, working to reach equitability and financial understanding with my husband has enlightened me just as much as my experience helping clients navigate similar circumstances over the last sixteen years.

I encourage you to download my eBook, Couples & Money. You will notice that communication is an underlying theme here. There are ways to approach the same financial topics that are appropriate to each part of your life. So let’s start the conversation.

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About Sabrina Lowell, CFP®, CPCC

With sixteen years of experience in the San Francisco wealth management industry, Sabrina Lowell’s mission is to help clients feel like they have a solid framework for making informed financial decisions during times of transition. She has a passion for working with tech executives structuring equity compensation management strategies pre- and post IPO. Paired with technical expertise, Sabrina brings the Certified Professional Co-Active Coach® (CPCC) designation to her work with clients via a systematic process of active listening, helping clients form and articulate goals, facilitating conversation, and discovering “ah ha” moments. As a newlywed herself, she enjoys working with career engaged couples to communicate openly about their finances and shared financial goals.

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