Helping Marin’s Concussion and Stroke Survivors Thrive


As Board President, Coldwell Banker REALTOR® Kim Strub supports the mission of Schurig Center for Brain Injury Recovery. “At Schurig Center, we believe it’s not enough to save a life. Everyone in our community deserves to have a life. With a brain injury happening every 15 seconds from an accident, concussion or stroke, there is a growing need for programs that help survivors and their families,” shares Kim. Schurig Center offers a unique array of services found nowhere else in the Bay Area, helping hundreds of people each year rebuild their lives. Mill Valley resident, Karen Schurig, founded the organization in 1985 to provide ongoing rehabilitation for her daughter Lisé, who had suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident at age 14. Kim and Lisé were classmates at Tam High. “I volunteer and support Schurig Center because I care. It matters so much to the people who need it and it is a truly innovative organization. Please join me in supporting this important community nonprofit. You can help people not only survive, but thrive.”