Living Well in the Great Indoors

Living Well in the Great Indoors

Hello. I’m Rowena Finegan, the founder of Pine Street Natural Interiors.

Here we are now, with lives that are more centered on the home than ever.

This is a place to take shelter, a place of safety.

And yet I’m sorry to say that your home environment isn’t necessarily nurturing your health. Most furnishings, carpets, rugs, window coverings, and bedding are far from sustainable, and they give off toxins that simply aren’t good for you and your family.

Fortunately, it’s spring, and you can start to open windows and get out for walks and hikes.

Here’s something else that can help. Do tune in to my video interview with the Healthy Home Show.  You’ll find out what you’re up against, in your bed, on your sofa, lying on that cushy carpet.

Living Well in the Great Indoors

I lay it all out in the interview.

I have quite a story to tell about how I got into creating beautiful, livable interiors with the healthiest and most sustainable materials imaginable.

This isn’t meant to make you more fretful. We get enough of that on the evening news. Instead of that, curl up with Pine Street’s shopping pages, and pick out something you’ll want to live on. Call or email us tomorrow with your order. While the factories are still closed, they’ll be up to speed again soon. You’ll be first in line for a toxin-free sofa or easy chair. Or start with a sustainable, cruelty-free pair of wool pillows.

I’ll be here. The Pine Street doors are closed, but we’re within reach five days a week:  415.331.9323 or email us at: [email protected]