MarinHealth: Your Healing Place is a Safe Place


As Marin County moves to Stage II of the shelter-in-place mandate and we slowly resume some activities, MarinHealth is committed to guarding against COVID-19 and ensuring your safety and wellbeing.

We have implemented enhanced precautions to help protect our patients, visitors, caregivers, staff, and the community. These safety measures, developed in collaboration with national and local healthcare authorities and our partners at UCSF Health, are in effect throughout our entire system, including the Medical Center, Medical Network Clinics, and all other locations.

New safety precautions and procedures at MarinHealth include:

Medical Center

  • Enhanced sanitation. All public areas and patient rooms are sanitized multiple times every day, and hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the hospital. In addition, high-tech robots are used for no-touch ultraviolet disinfection.
  • Face masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Employees and visitors must all wear masks, and patients are given masks when registering, during procedures, or when transitioning from the Emergency Department. Employees wear PPE that’s appropriate for their role and function.
  • Visitor restrictions. For now, visitors are not allowed except in special circumstances, such as end of life or helping elderly or unstable patients.
  • Patient pre-screening. Patients complete a screening questionnaire, and may be tested for COVID-19 prior to scheduled appointments, procedures or surgeries.
  • Emergency Department (ED). All incoming ED patients are screened for COVID-19 upon arrival. Those with symptoms of COVID-19 are seen separately in a negative pressure tent, and assessed immediately to determine appropriate care.

Additional Maternity Services Precautions

  • COVID-19 screening. Like all patients, moms-to-be are screened when they arrive for an appointment or are admitted for labor. If the mother is scheduled for a C-section or induction, she also undergoes COVID-19 testing up to 94 hours before the scheduled procedure.
  • Support person. One support person is allowed to accompany the mother-to-be, and other loved ones can join the support team virtually.
  • Support and educational classes. All pre- and post-birth support groups and education classes are being conducted virtually until further notice.

MarinHealth Medical Network Clinics

  • Telehealth (video) appointments. Routine and regularly scheduled appointments, as well as many new appointments, are being conducted by video via phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Potential COVID-19. Patients with COVID-19 symptoms are directed to our Adult Acute Care Clinic.
  • In-clinic appointments. All clinics have enhanced sanitization in all public areas and patient rooms. Additional time is scheduled between appointments to eliminate crowding, allow for social distancing, and provide for additional cleaning. All patients are pre-screened for COVID-19 symptoms before appointments and again at registration.

To see the complete list of safety precautions in place, visit our website at At MarinHealth, our facilities are ready, and our entire team is prepared to provide the healing care you need. If you have delayed getting routine care or treatment for an illness or chronic condition during the coronavirus pandemic, now is the time to make an appointment and take control of your health.