Meet ONA’s Marin Moms

We’re excited to introduce you to some incredible local ladies in this Mother’s Day special from ONA. But first, who are we? ONA (pronounced oh-nah) is a cannabis concierge established to deliver the highest quality strains, edibles and cannabis methods to suit your needs. Our refined cannabis, united with our premier delivery service is paving a new culture for the responsible use of cannabis. Founded by Marin local brother and sister team Nurit and Aviv – servicing Marin county and San Francisco.

We believe in the healing power of quality cannabis products to reduce stress and anxiety, ease pain and relieve symptoms like insomnia, depression, epilepsy and more. We provide a confidential and positive environment alongside personal attention and education that ensures you receive the highest quality solution to fit your needs.

But that’s enough about us. The real stars of this article are three vibrant and awesome Marin mamas who are here to share their personal cannabis stories.



Marketing Technologist
ONA Favorite: Kiva Sparkling Pear Prosecco Camino

ONA: “How has cannabis changed your life? What is is about ONA that makes you such a devoted fan?”

Krista: I suffer from chronic pain…and anxiety because I’m naturally high strung. CBD, in particular, has had a cumulative effect on inflammation in my body and helps reduce my stress level without any psychoactive side effects, allowing me to still be myself and high functioning in all areas.

I was introduced to cannabis as an adult by ONA at Elevate + Flow in 2018 and was so impressed by the level of education provided. The way Nurit and Aviv explained how cannabis can replace alcohol was really powerful. Cannabis helps moms manage the pressure and stress of being working mothers and makes us better parents. Cannabis allows me to be more patient and playful with my son but still very much present and in control.”



GPR Forewoman
ONA Favorite: Beboe Downtime, Defonce Chocolates

ONA: Why do you love Cannabis? What makes your favorite products so special?

Nielma: I love that I can easily incorporate it into a healthy lifestyle. When I think of cannabis, I think of wellness. I love Defonce Chocolates – The chocolate is artisanal quality and the effect is like having a glass of wine. Beboe Downtime is chic, inconspicuous and it’s just the right amount of relaxation I need.



Health + Wellness Coach, Nutritionist, “Wannabe Comedian”
ONA Favorite: Berry White pre-roll, Jack Herer vape cartridge

ONA: How does Cannabis work for you?

Angela: “Cannabis allows me to get out of my head and more into my body. I feel relaxed, happy, more patient and often times more creative. Cannabis can be a powerful natural cure and I’ve watched it help many women including myself.


A huge thank you to these gorgeous ladies for sharing the ways that cannabis has enhanced their lives as women and moms. Interested in our products and services? Click here to find out more and shop ONA!

Happy Mother’s day from all of us at!