Dance Away

SOUL SKA IS a high-energy 10-piece group that delivers a fresh take on classic Jamaican/UK ska. If the Wailers, Madness and the Specials speak to you, Soul Ska likely will as well. The players, who include many Marin locals, are from groups such as Vinyl, Monophonics, El Radio Fantastique, Albino!, The Right Time and more. Come check out Jonathan Korty on keys, Lex Razon on drums, Ryan Scott on trumpet, Gardner Goezte on guitar, Tommy O’Mahoney on bass, Liz Larson on trombone, Patrick Byers on baritone sax plus the trio of Sean “Stymie” Sharp, Jethro Jeremiah and Noelle Glory on vocals as they bring down the house on New Year’s Eve at 19 Broadway in Fairfax.