100% Mineral Sunscreen, Kinesys

I first heard about the sunscreen company Kinesys back in 2008 from a good friend, who has one of those great miracle survival stories regarding his bad bout with Melanoma. Besides being an effective product he told me, “the packaging is recyclable, and they don’t test on animals -what’s not to love?!” After trying the products for myself, I wrote an article about them for Marin Magazine and have been a customer ever since.

My kids love it because it’s easy to spray on -and it smells good. I love it because it works -and is not only made with all good ingredients, which means no parabens, preservatives, nanoparticles, nuts, nut oil, gluten, dairy, egg, soy, sulphites or colourants – but the bottles are made from 100% recyclable high density polyethylene (Bisphenol-A free), and instead of using an aerosol can, they use manual, finger-powered sprayers.

Their most recent addition to the product line, is a 100% mineral block with 25% pure zinc oxide. My oldest daughter is addicted, to the peppermint and rosemary scent -and as she points out “it has coconut oil.”