5 Reasons You Should Consider Lab-Grown Diamonds This Holiday Season

Clean Origin

When Clean Origin was founded in 2017, its co-founders set out to change how people view diamonds by offering the marketplace exquisitely crafted gems created in a laboratory just like the ones made by Mother Nature, minus the negative environmental impact or ethical misgivings. The diamond, an age-old symbol of love and fidelity, can come at a steep price to our beloved Earth when it is pulled from deep inside a mine.

While jewelry is always a popular holiday gift — diamond jewelry, such as engagement rings, new or redesigned wedding rings, exquisite tennis bracelets or a set of shimmering earrings are sure to be at the top of many wish lists — this holiday, it appears that jewelry is THE gift to give and get in 2021. According to a survey published by National Jeweler, fine jewelry sales are predicted to grow by a whopping 59 percent this season.

So it stands to reason that when purchasing something as potentially hefty as a 3-carat diamond ring or a set of stunning earrings, prospective buyers should arm themselves with a few pieces of knowledge about lab-grown diamonds and why they can be an excellent choice for a meaningful holiday gift, a life-changing marriage proposal, or something in between.

1.   Lab-grown Diamonds Are Just as Real as Mined Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds are not substitutes or cheap imitations; they have the same properties as naturally derived stones. The only difference between lab-grown and mined is simply the diamond’s origin. The technology used to grow lab diamonds is so evolved that it enables jewelers to make diamonds that are exactly the same stone as what’s found in the depths of Earth, all the way down to the molecular level. Still, they can speed up the process by millions of years.

2.   Buyers Can Get More Sparkle for Their Money

Because they are created differently, lab-grown diamonds can be up to 40% less expensive than mined diamonds, giving buyers room to potentially purchase a larger stone or a more spectacular setting to dazzle their object of affection.

3.   Lab Diamonds Are 100% Ethical and Conflict-Free

This is a big one for many people: lab-grown diamonds are completely free from the muddled ethics and environmentally destructive mining practices associated with naturally formed diamonds.

4.   Lab Diamonds Are Also Judged by the Four C’s

Diamonds are rated and priced according to their clarity, color, cut, and carats. The same holds true of both mined diamonds and lab-grown diamonds.

5.   Buyers Can Still Have One-of-a-Kind Designs.

Picking out a stunning piece of jewelry can be an undeniably overwhelming experience, especially when looking at hundreds of setting options and thousands of diamond choices. However, it’s important to get trusted guidance from someone who is a trained diamond expert, not just someone in jewelry sales. There is a difference. Buyers should always ask about their jeweler’s experience level when buying a lab-grown diamond.

Clean Origin knows diamonds and has 100-plus years of experience in the jewelry business. The company prides itself on being jewelers first and foremost, with a passion for helping the Earth from an ethical and environmental standpoint.