Behind the Fall Fashion Shoot

Now that you've hopefully had time to enjoy the September issue, we wanted to share some behind-the-scenes pictures from our fall fashion shoot. The Richardson Bay Audubon Center and Sanctuary provided the perfect backdrop for our shoot with a variety of environments all in one place, from the rocky beach to the sunny grassy plains. When working outdoors weather always plays a factor, but we were lucky and only had to deal with some gusty wind down at the beach. Click each page to see peeks into the fall fashion shoot.


Our gorgeous setting for the day at the Richardson Bay Audubon Center and Sanctuary.


Some of the clothing and accessories all set up and waiting to be styled.


Models Nicole and Charlotte lounging before the shot and looking perfectly 90's grunge.


Sometimes as much as we love a shot they just can't all make it into the layout. Here is a still-life of some great fall boots that didn't make the final layout but I still wanted to share. From left to right: Harolyn woven booties by Dolce Vita, $195 at Item Shoes and Accessories (Larkspur) 415.925.0109. Goldie bootie by Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, $325 at Carolina boutique (Mill Valley), 415.883.4883. Stratham heights fold-down boots by Timberland, $200 at Timberland (SF) 415.777.5830. Everly bootie by Jeffrey Campbell, $210 at Item Shoes and Accessories.


Photographer Claudia Goetzelmann capturing the cover shot of model Charlotte.


We found the perfect area to shoot among the reeds – unfortunately it was also the hottest time of the day. But Charlotte and Nicole were troopers and make heavy coats and sweaters look chic even in the heat.


Nicole and Charlotte perusing the online menu between takes and placing their lunch orders with our intern Julia Miller.


The styling duo of Leah-Marie (left) and myself, Veronica Sooley (right). The heat that day called for hair up and tank tops – no glamour for those of us behind the scenes!


Photographer assistant Gary Belinski pulled a MacGyver using only pliers and a rock to move old, rusty nails to the perfect purse-hanging spots.


Leah-Marie helping Nicole wash her feet in the water and walk back up the beach. We learned that tulle ballgown + wind = lots of wrangling and takes to finally get the perfect shot (where it wasn't attacking Nicole or in her face).