Open Haus at Faust Haus

L’Arte Nascosta aims to lower the cultural barrier between Italy’s master artisans and patrons from around the world by making the artisanal process more accessible. Offering monogrammed and crested rings from maker Paolo Penko and glassware from world-renowned Moleria Locchi, founder Salvatore Ambrosini joins us to celebrate Italian craft at the Faust Haus speakeasy. Stop […]

Faith Kramer and Tiffany Shlain - 52 Shabbats (Corte Madera Store)

In-Conversation with Tiffany Shlain Whether you are a longtime host of weekly Shabbat dinners or new to this global Jewish tradition, 52 Shabbats by award-winning author Faith Kramer will spice up your Friday night in one way or another. This book offers a holistic scope of the Shabbat tradition for every reader, Jewish or otherwise. […]