196 Northgate Drive, San Rafael,

Top Seller Banana split with three flavors of ice cream, three flavors of toppings, almonds, whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry, small $9.95, large $11.95

Why “Banana splits have been around for over 100 years and remain a staple at our store even through our break away from the Swensen’s franchise in 1989. Our version is eye-popping, large in size, very colorful, with many different toppings and three flavors of ice cream, all served in a frosted vintage Anchor- Hocking cut-glass dish from the 1950s and with ice cream made in-house. It’s easy to say this dessert is unique.” Chef/Owner Curtis Silbermann

Sold 12–24 a week

777 Bridgeway, Sausalito,

Top Seller Panna Cotta with cream and buffalo milk, served with candied kumquat, $8

Why “I’d have to say that my inspiration for this panna cotta dish is from my many trips to Italy. Panna cotta is an iconic Italian dessert. The simplicity of the dish — only a few ingredients — makes it unique. Occasionally throughout the year we offer a twist on the dish by using buffalo milk from Double 8 Dairy in Tomales Bay, which is a unique spin on the original recipe. The dish itself is light and soft and perfect for a hot day out on the patio.” Chef Ben Balesteri

Sold 10–20 a day, 100–150 a week, 7,000 a year

310 Bon Air Center, Greenbrae,

Top Seller Vanilla Celebration Cake, slice $6.25

Why “Our Vanilla Celebration Cake is really representative of SusieCakes itself. Not only is it frosted in our signature SusieBlue color, the confetti sprinkles baked inside make it a fun and happy cake that just makes you feel like celebrating.” Founder/CEO Susan Sarich

Sold About 3,000 a year

464 Magnolia Ave, Larkspur,

Top Seller Amore Italian Cream Cake, $37

Why “The Amore was originally designed for Valentine’s Day 10 years ago, but was so popular we decided to keep it on the menu year-round. Popular in both Europe and here, it has a pairing of raspberries and dark chocolate that is perfect. The Domori Arriba (from Italy) couverture we use has a nice acidity that goes well with raspberries. A few years ago I added a raspberry gelée inside to accentuate the fruit. The dark chocolate decoration is red colored cocoa butter. The cake is finished with a shiny glaze that contrasts nicely with the chocolate decor.” Chef/Owner Gary Rulli

Sold About 10 a week, 250 a year

15 Shoreline Hwy, Mill Valley,

Top Seller Key Lime Meringue, $9.50

Why “One of our owners is from Florida — the land of Key lime — and I grew up with amazing lemon meringue pie in the United Kingdom, so combining the two is a cool twist on the traditional Key lime pie. It’s an uncommon dessert, found here in Marin.” Co-owner Peter Schumacher

Sold About 600 a month


Susan’s Go-To Olive-oil ice cream at Pizzeria Picco in Larkspur

Ben’s Go-To Cinnamon churros and “boozy” milkshake at Picco in Larkspur

Curtis’s Go-To Anything at Cheesecake Factory in Corte Madera

Peter’s Go-To Sticky toffee pudding at Bungalow 44 in Mill Valley

Gary’s Go-To Piemontese hazelnut semifreddo at Valenti & Co in San Anselmo

Honorable Mentions

Fairfax Scoop, Fairfax; Teeny Cake, Novato; Lappert’s Ice Cream, Sausalito; Johnny Doughnuts, San Rafael; Three Twins Ice Cream, Larkspur