Readers Respond

I’ve had my doubts about Marin Magazine in the past, but I have to let you know that this September’s issue blew them all away. All the articles were excellent, both interesting and informative. I was most surprised by the article about the cafe in the Presidio Yacht Club. I’m a native Marinite, and I never knew this place existed!
Cathleen Acheritogaray, via email

I was delighted to see Kay Carlson’s lovely painting grace the cover of your magazine (August issue). Kay has been a friend of mine for years as well as my art teacher. I have several of her paintings in my home. I’m tempted to frame the cover of your magazine! Congrats on another great issue. I was especially glad to see the article on the great work Trisha Garlock is doing with the Kiddo program in the arts.
Barbara Squires, San Rafael

In an age when the media is all abuzz decrying that no one reads periodicals anymore, it appears that Marin Magazine is the exception to the rule. It is only August 22, but (thanks to your September issue) I’ve already been stopped on the streets dozens of times, mostly by people I don’t know, with comments like “nice photo” or “good article” or “nice piece.” Well, maybe they all weren’t about the magazine. I was taking my garbage out this morning (in my robe and fuzzy slippers) and someone said, ‘They must have retouched that pic a lot.’ Thanks for a very nice overview of the Sausalito Art Festival and my 15 minutes of fame. And congratulations for having a very diverse and loyal readership.
Joseph Lillis, via email

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