Readers Respond

Jim Wood’s POV column in the August issue “Invasive Plants Are Taking Over Mount Tam”, and the reader responses in the September issue warrant an update on MMWD’s plans for the Mt. Tamalpais Watershed. We are starting a vegetation management study for the watershed, with the control of invasive plants as a primary goal. The study will examine all available weed control options, including prescribed burning, grazing, biological control agents, mowing, hand removal and the limited use of specific reduced-risk herbicides. Be assured that we are committed to managing our natural resources sustainably. Anyone interested in following this issue is welcome to contact MMWD at [email protected].
Paul Helliker, general manager, MMWD

Regarding the November POV column: you asked for my point of view, so here it is. A bond to improve the Civic Center—fine. Better ingress and egress­—yes. Reduce the ecological footprint in Marin-­—yes! Widen Sir Francis Drake where it passes through a beautiful forest of redwoods with cottages nestled within—no! Part of the delight of West Marin is in the journey itself. If you can’t take the time to enjoy the trip on a country road with beauty everywhere, stay out of West Marin. I enjoy reading your POV column and appreciate your sound arguments and opinions. Not this one. If you want to lighten the car’s noise and pollution “footprint,” creating a speedway through a forest is not the way. How about filling in those potholes and doing some major repaving with that money, making the journey to West Marin safer?
Sandra Paillon, Greenbrae

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