It’s a tourist mecca, it supports one end of the Golden Gate Bridge, Otis Redding loved it, it has tons of great restaurants and it serves as a stop for ferry travelers coming from San Francisco. When the sun is out in Sausalito and reflecting off the houses on the hills, the city takes on an almost Mediterranean vibe. There really is nothing better than picking up a cup of coffee from one of the many quality cafes and then doing a little shopping, grabbing an alfresco waterfront bite and strolling Bridgeway as you look back at San Francisco on the horizon. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Marin’s southernmost city.

For the Guys

SHOP While women will certainly find all kinds of goodies in Sausalito’s shops, there is also quite a lot for men. Find all you need to look your best, snag a local T-shirt, grab some gear or just get wacky.

1. GENE HILLER MENSWEAR Since 1953 the Gene Hiller team has operated under the same formula: provide the best clothes — Brioni, Canali and Eton, to name a few — with impeccable service. Master tailor Franco Aulicino will ensure your fit is perfect.

2. SAUSALITO FERRY CO. You don’t have to be a tourist to wander into this store, opened in 1980, and find yourself coming out with much more than you planned to buy. Need San Francisco or Sausalito T-shirts? You got it. How about cute Japanese erasers? No problem. Items under one inch in size, yep, they have them too.

3. SOXALITO A store just for socks? Crazy, you say. Well not in Sausalito. They’ve got every kind of whimsical sock you can image: bacon, beer, popcorn, jelly beans, zombie and many, many more. High, low, knee or sport, this is the place to make your feet happy.

4. WEST MARINE When it’s time to outfit yourself for almost any kind of water adventure, West Marine is the place to go. Clothes, wetsuits and shoes; kayaks, GPS devices and waterskis; life jackets, personal flotation devices and flares — if you need it, they’ve got it.

Eat it Up

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EAT Sausalito is famous for waterfront dining, but the cafes are where the real action is. Come in for breakfast, a scone or a cup. You’ll love the food but enjoy even more all the interesting characters who stop by.

5. BAYSIDE CAFE 1 Gate 6 Road, 415.331.2313,

6. BRIDGEWAY CAFE 633 Bridgeway, 415.332.3426,

7. CIBO (pictured) 1201 Bridgeway, 415.331.2426,

8. FRED’S PLACE 1917 Bridgeway, 415.332.4575

9. LIGHTHOUSE CAFE 1311 Bridgeway, 415.331.3034,

Paddle On

10. PLAY While shopping and dining in Sausalito make for great times, nothing beats heading for the open water. Fortunately, many outfits cater to that aquatic need. Offering more than 30 years’ worth of expertise, Sea Trek, now located near the Bay Model, provides kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding trips, rentals and classes. Also rent paddleboards from Bluerush Boardsports at its new location next to Cibo or on the beach near Bar Bocce on weekends. And if you like a side of yoga with your paddle, you won’t want to miss booking some time with OnBoardSUP.,,