5 Things to Keep You Sane During Coronavirus Shelter-in-Place This Week

A few ideas of things to do when going outside is limited.

Post-traumatic Growth: Emerging Stronger after Stress


Supersurvivors, and examples of “post-traumatic growth” (PTG) surround us. A construct of positive psychological change that occurs as the result of one’s struggle with a highly-challenging, stressful and traumatic event, PTG was first explored by Richard G. Tedeschi, Ph.D., and Lawrence G. Calhoun, Ph.D., both licensed psychologists and professors of psychology at University of North Carolina, Charlotte. They noticed the theme of growth in conversation with people who had experienced major life crises. Several hundred studies have used the post-traumatic growth research Tedeschi and Calhoun created.

Build Courage, Strength and Determination (Yoga Pose)


Crow Pose is an impressive pose that takes courage, strength and determination. Baka means “crane” but here in the West, we call it Crow Pose. This pose takes strength and determination, yet, to be honest, it looks harder than it is.

7 Gardening Tips to Grow Better


While the activity of gardening is all about the journey — a series of discoveries mixed with frustrating struggles — most gardeners wouldn’t mind a little guidance on how to prevent disappointments and the wasted time, water or money involved. Here are ways to sidestep pitfalls and see more success.

Finished your Favorite Series? Here’s What to Stream Next


Saying goodbye to your favorite series — whether it is the series or season finale — can be tough. Now that most series can be binge-watched in a weekend, it’s also a bummer to wait an entire year for your favorite show to come back. With endless options for great TV, you don’t have to waste your evening on a boring or lackluster show either. Here are 10 recommendations for what to watch on TV right now, based on your favorite shows.

Punch Recipes from a Seasoned Pro


Punch is having a comeback. It’s easy to make, requires no fancy ingredients, produces many servings, and gussies up in a flash with fresh fruit or inventively shaped ice. Here, Jeff Burkhart, the Marin IJ’s Barfly columnist and author of Twenty Years Behind Bars Volume II: Parole Denied (at Book Passage and Jeff Burkhart.net ), shares some punch recipes and insider tips.

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