Travel the World with Purpose and Passion

If you're looking for an amazing, fun and meaningful adventure, join a Yogaventures service trip. You’ll enjoy the best of all worlds –– celebrating your wellbeing, international travel, intimate cultural experiences and the opportunity to provide meaningful, sustainable volunteer services worldwide. I created Yogaventures, a Marin-based company, to provide opportunities for adventurous travelers to contribute responsibly, uplift communities and work hand-in-hand with our host communities. This year we are offering trips to Haiti in July, Ecuador in September, Jamaica in October and Cambodia in November. Learn more about these trips.

In Haiti we will continue hands-on rebuilding the beautiful community of Jacmel, Haiti’s quaint and charming seaside artisan town. The trip will feature quality time at the Jacmel Children’s Center, a 13,000 square foot home and school for orphaned children ages 3-10, founded by my husband Philip Schneider and I. Many Marin residents financially contributed to the building of this center. Participants will enjoy art projects with Haitian youth from the Art Creation Foundation For Children. In addition, we visit with Haitian artisans, take a dance class with live drumming, feast on delicious cuisine, visit a Voodoo Temple, hike to a stunning waterfall and many more enriching experiences. This trip we are partnering with Mill Valley resident Victoria Cressman’s Tents To Shanti Foundation, which has built many homes for Haitian children. This will be Victoria’s fourth trip to Haiti with Yogaventures. She says, “Traveling to Haiti was a life changing experience for me. I was inspired to help others, and appreciate the deep personal relationships I’ve created with the Haitians- so much love.” Our Haiti trip is July 12-18, 2015.

In September Yogaventures is venturing into the heart of the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador in partnership with San Francisco-based Pachamama Alliance. This is a women only trip, and an opportunity for participants to immerse themselves in the earth’s deepest natural beauty and wisdom – the pristine sacred headwaters of the Amazon rainforest and majestic Andes. We will be with the indigenous stewards who live there, an intact indigenous people in their ancestral culture, providing direct experience to learn from an ancient lineage of wisdom amongst the vibrant and magical environment of the rainforest. From hiking in enchanted cloud forests, to exploring the immense beauty of the rivers and waterfalls, dream sharing ritual, cultural exchange with ancestral chants, music and traditions and a traditional shamanic ceremony with an elder Achuar shaman, we are in for quite a treat. This extraordinary trip is September 26 through October 4, 2015.

In the middle of October join us as we bliss out in the awe-inspiring coastline of Negril, Jamaica with its lush tropical gardens and sparkling turquoise waters. We’ve partnered with Marin-based YOL Trips who provide nourishing experiences for extraordinary people to recharge, rest and give back. We will be working with a local school through the renowned Jamaican Rockhouse Foundation. Participants will enjoy daily rejuvenation with yoga and meditation to recharge their body, mind and spirit. Deluxe accommodations at the Rockhouse Hotel stretching across the cliffs of Pristine Cove provide the opportunity to enjoy many beach activities, snorkeling and cliff diving. We will visit another resort for an authentic cooking class. This rejuvenating trip is October 12-18.

Join us and travel the world with purpose, passion and celebration. As the Founder of Yogaventures, I would to hear from you. Email me at [email protected]