Chute for the Stars

Courtesy of the four seasons resort scottsdale at troon north

As kids we all dreamt of having our own spaceship or hover craft to see the stars as we fly through the air. Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North’s latest offering is inspired by those childlike ambitions. The resort has teamed up with Arizona Powerchutes for the “Chute for the Stars” experience. Powerchutes—or powered parachutes—are a two passenger cart with a motor, prop and wheels attached to a 40-foot long parachute. You’ll join owner and pilot Randy Long on your journey through the air in this unique aircraft. Upon returning to the resort, explore the skies from below with the Celestial Picnic. Executive Chef Mel Mecina packs a customized picnic basket with a blanket and constellation chart so you can study the night sky. If you’re looking to delve into astronomy a bit further, book a private stargazing session with Richard Allen and his high-powered telescope.  Rates begin at $329 per person. For media information, contact Kim Cole at [email protected] or 602-460-7675.