How to Travel Light

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With so many variables affecting travel these days, many opt to keep their belongings close for convenience and speed. Here are three of our favorite carry-ons that really pack a punch.


If stuffing your bag to the max, then sitting on it while you squeeze the zipper shut defines your usual packing routine, this bag is for you. Though it may not be the most fashionable, this carry-on offers maximum packing capacity with CX (expansion- compression) technology that expands the bag up to 34 percent, then compresses it back to its original size, proving it’s what’s inside that counts. 9.3 pounds, $499,


G3 A-place-for-everything is the mindset behind the Genius Pack, which features built-in compartments, exterior pockets for your water bottle and umbrella, a portable device charger (sold separately), packing checklist and the brand’s signature laundry compression technology. Complete with compression air valve and a laundry chute, this bag goes to extra lengths to ensure your dirty clothes won’t soil your clean ones. 7.8 pounds, $238,


This stylish futuristic bag with a pop of neon flair is perfect for long weekends and those who can’t leave home without their iStuff. A polycarbonate hard-shell front protects a tech compartment that fits a MacBook as big as 17 inches. The bag opens easily for TSA screening, meaning you don’t have to place your laptop into another bin. 8.1 pounds, $300,


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A new app focused on transporting things instead of people has hit the Bay Area. Roadie, a courier service that allows you to send “stuff” like bikes, boxes or that new turntable you bought, connects you with people driving in the right direction. Simply post your delivery wish list and get matched with a driver who can transport your goods from A to B, thus saving on gas and shipping fees. Or better yet, be the courier and make some cash yourself.

This article originally appeared in Marin Magazine’s print edition under the headline: “Travel Light“.